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Tips To Get A Cruise Job


Have you desired to be paid while traveling around the world while you meet new faces on a continual basis? This surely sounds like a job that is a preserve of a few individuals. And surprisingly enough it is, as getting a job with a 2012 cruise ship is not an easy task. This can be attributed to its competitive nature.

There are some things that an individual should consider when they want to secure a job with a cruise ship; this is because of the requirements here which are a little bit unique as opposed to these other ordinary jobs. So here are some of the factors that you should put into consideration when looking for a job on a cruise ship.

Cruise jobs

Interrogate your set of skills

cruise shipAs is it with going into any job market, the first thing you should do when you want to secure employment in a cruise ship is evaluating your set of skills. In a cruise ship, there is a wide range of jobs that are available; they are wide ranging given the number of services and entertainment that is offered on the cruise ship.

You will discover that some vacancies require that one has great interpersonal skills for instance when you are working as an entertainer or trainer. While others will require technical skills and there is no much interaction with passengers as it is for the engine room crew job. So evaluate your skills and determine where you fit most before you make your move.

Crafting your resume

After you have decided on what cruise ship jobs fits you the most, it is time to craft your resume. Here you are supposed to write a resume and cover letter that will portray you as a person who can perform excellently if given an opportunity to serve.

In the process of crafting your resume, make sure to emphasize your qualifications and ability to offer excellent customer services. Have it in mind that cruise ship job recruiters are looking for individuals who can leave an unforgettable experience on the minds of their passengers.

Drop your resume

Once you are done drafting your resume and cover letter, it is time now to submit it to the cruise ship that you are most interested in working for. You can decide to go for a larger and more established cruise liner since they offer better benefits, but also remember that these ships have their disadvantages. Make sure you have all the right information regarding the benefits that are offered before you do your submission. It is important that you submit your resume even if you are not targeting any job, as most of the cruise ship jobs are not advertised.

Use alternative means of delivering your application

cruise shipIt is also advisable that you send your application letter by post. Every individual nowadays sends them through e-mail, you can as well do the same. But you can always ensure that you stand out by preparing a physical application and sending it through the post.


Since most of these jobs are not advertised, it is advisable that you attend cruise line job fairs. Here you will meet people who are working in the industry, and it is possible that you may get connections and referrals that may lead to you getting a job.…